If you ever thought who were those people that spend the entire day on the phone, running from one desk to another, talking with almost every single element of the team, at a rhythm that makes you get tired just by observing… Well, FYI, they are the accounts.

Let’s start by explaining what an account is, what we do and what is our part in a Digital Marketing agency ecosystem.

An account manager manages an account, which means that we manage the relationship with the client and we’re also the main intermediaries between client and team. We are the ones that need to guarantee that the clients are happy with the work, but we also have to try to calm them down, whenever something is different.

On a different record, we also need to guarantee that the team is completely aware of a project, that they have all the information needed, clarify their doubts, deliver the proposals on time, support project managers, financially analyze the projects and guarantee that the scope is being respected.

Truth being said, the account is the glue that joins the clients and project teams in a big family: the project family.

But what does the account do anyway?

Let’s see… First, we try to reach the client, present the agency, our services and try to show them that we have everything that the client may need and that we can help them grow, develop and add value to the business.

And then? Then we support the team that will work our client and make sure that they have everything they need to shine bright like a Diamond.

Our day is never boring or even similar to the one before and, just between us, we never have a calm day. Nevertheless, let’s try to explain how our day usually goes by and what we do.

It’s 09h30… 10h00:

We’ve just arrived at the agency but before that our phone already rang twice and we have 5 emails in our inbox. Anyway, as soon as we arrive and turn on the computer, in case a colleague doesn’t stop us with a question even before we get to the chair, we just take a look at the emails and try to see what we have for that day. How many deliveries we have today? How many meetings? Who do we need to talk to? Is there any project in trouble? Any proposal with its delivery due today? These questions pop on our minds like popcorns in the microwave.


By now we already spoke with 2 designers, 3 developers, and a copywriter. Their doubts are already clarified, and they are working on their projects. Client X already called to know when he will be receiving the proposal and other 2 clients wanted to know when they will be receiving the materials or how the project is going.


The first meeting of the day is over. Now we need to call back to Client Y and answer the 30.000 questions that we have on slack (and by slack we mean any other messaging system that is used in companies and yes, we are exaggerating, we don’t have 30.000 messages, only 20).


Am I going to have lunch now? Are we there yet? Are we there yet?


Round 2… Let’s try to have 30 minutes of concentration to start preparing a proposal that we need to send in a few days. It may seem strange to start something so soon, but we never know what the afternoon will bring: better safe than sorrow.



Meeting number 2. This time, we are leaving the agency and meet the client, that One Client we are trying to reach for months! Like we say here: “Let’s do some magic” and show them we are amazing, we have a big, multi-talented team, and that we can take an idea and turn it into an amazing project, deliver it, and disclose it after launching.


Back to the office! The inbox has grown a lot since we went to the meeting and we just need to take a look, see what is going on and answer back. Oh, wait… We also have several messages on the chat, and that estimation we were expecting is already done. Maybe this time we will be able to finish the proposal earlier than we were expecting.


The agency is getting emptier, quieter. Today was a good day, in a team of 70 people we were able to talk to 30, deliver 2 projects, one of the proposals was sent and that unfinished business with the financial department is finally closed. Now we just need to take a look at the financial details of the other project, answer to Client Z’s questions and… Wait!
The phone is ringing.


It seems that the day is practically over. We answered the emails, spoke with the team, spoke with the clients and financial, got together with the creative team to decide how to approach that big client and… No, the phone is not ringing. So it is officially time to stop, give a laugh with the ones that are still at the office and start closing the computer to go home.

Just between the two of us: the fact that we have an amazing team, talk with so many people and are evolved in so many and such different projects is what makes all these sprints so normal for us. It is more usual to have these crazy days than having normal and relaxed days.

But if you really want to know, the best part of our day is when we see a project growing, a client trusting in us and the team happy with the project they are working on. When we see that happening, we sit on the chair, lay back and think: Today was a good day!

Account manager

P.S No client, colleague or project was left without an answer during the writing of this article.