What is evergreen content?

The dictionary defines ”evergreen” as plants that don’t lose their leaves, staying green and fresh all year. The same logic applies when we talk about content marketing: it’s content that doesn’t lose its relevancy. One day goes by, three weeks go by, six months go by… and this content still remains popular, without the need for major updates. This means that there is always someone, somewhere, searching for the topic.

For example, the article “Do you know how much your ad blocker costs to the digital marketing industry?” in our blog was relevant when it was published, since it talks about statistics and numbers of a certain period of time, that we knew would eventually become outdated. The “How to make a content marketing plan?” one, on the other hand, has the potential to stay relevant for a long period of time and you will understand why as you read this article.

This kind of article has some characteristics that you should ensure the one you are writing has as well. Some of the most important ones are:

  • Talks about clear, basic topics: specific topics satisfy specific needs. The topic you choose should also be very important to your target and shouldn’t be too complex, since main principles rarely ever change.
  • Has a simple format: going for a format that most readers prefer is the way to go when creating an evergreen article. Easy-to-read formats, such as favorites’ lists, tips or Wikipedia-like articles, are examples that usually grab the readers’ attention. And, of course, images, videos and infographics will enrich your post even more, making it more appealing and engaging.
  • Are well optimized: never ever forget to do your keyword research when creating evergreen content. The better optimized it is, the more it will be seen and shared. On-page SEO and image optimization, two essentials!
  • Speaks to beginners: who hasn’t searched for tips and tricks about something they knew nothing about? If we think about it, someone who chooses to consult an old article is, most likely, looking for basic concepts about the topic. So, write for the rookies and watch your content last and last.
  • What are the benefits of using this type of content?

    Nowadays there are over two millions articles posted online on a daily basis. With so much content, you can probably imagine how much goes unnoticed. But evergreen articles and their timelessness have what it takes to overcome this obstacle and become a source of several benefits:

  • Traffic: this one doesn’t need much explanation. Having read the article until this point, you can understand why these articles are excellent to generate traffic, right?
  • Leads: more traffic = bigger chances of lead generation. This kind of content will build an image of trust associated to your brand, that can help boost your sales. Add a few calls-to-action to your article and enhance this benefit!
  • Social sharing: timeless articles are often seen as better quality pieces than articles about trending topics, so people easily share them in their social media pages.
  • 3 ideas of evergreen content

    How-to Guides

    Industries evolve but someone starting in a certain area will most likely have the same fundamental questions that experts once had. That’s why “How-to” articles are an excellent example of evergreen content: they answer a question that will always exist.

    Case studies

    Our Inspira Santa Marta Hotel case study, that was published in May of 2016, for example, is the second article of our blog with more views in the past year. We’ll see if it continues to be a success within the next years!

    Annual articles

    Articles analysing the year that ended (or that is about to end) are another great example of evergreen content: they gather the highlights of that year and work as a summary. People love looking back at what happened (and sharing it), and that’s why these articles work so well.

    Writing time sensitive content has its benefits: it shows you are up to date with the news in your industry and it involves topics that, in that time, are being highly searched, having the potential for a big spike of visits to your blog. If you take a look at our blog you will quickly see that we post that kind of content. Our advice? A good mix between timelessness and temporary!