Context & Goals

Organized by Carbon by BOLD, the Mobile Edge event was created in 2014 and has already had three successful editions that made it a well-known tech conference in Portugal. We invited several national and international noteworthy speakers to talk about several themes related to digital transformation and enterprise mobility.

Our goal in this project was simultaneously straightforward and challenging – giving the brand a new graphic identity and modern website that conveys its values to the targeted audience of Mobile Edge: entrepreneurs and mobile tech professionals or simply enthusiasts. Our project pertained to 2016 event, which was looking to match the expectations of its audience by having the most memorable and ambitious edition of the conference – something we wanted to make known through its online communication.

360º Digital Project

After a detailed analysis of the website and how the online channel was leveraged in the last edition, our designers put their hands to work and created a new graphic identity, as well as a modern landing page, keeping a cohesive message in every online and offline medium of the event.

Landing page was implemented by our coders using WordPress 4.5 as the CMS of choice. PHP 7, Composer and Roots (particularly the Sage, Bedrock and Trellis toolset) were used during backend developing and data handling, while HTML 5, CSS3, Javascript, jQuery and Node.js (NPM with Bower, Sass and many other extensions) were the building blocks for the frontend side of the website.

The end result of this project was in plain sight of everyone – a responsive website for the event, that fits every device (computers, tablets and smartphones).

It came the turn of the digital marketing team to focus their efforts in maximizing online communication channels of the event and developing a communication strategy with the goal of increasing user traffic belonging to the event’s target audience, together with lead generation.

To achieve these objectives, the team created PPC campaigns on Facebook, so it could reach each individual audience with an appropriate message. The first day of the event was dedicated to decision makers as heads of mobile, digital strategists, IT directors, marketing managers and others, while the second day was directed to developers and mobile enthusiasts.

Check this industry benchmark event in the technology sector right here.