Context & Goal

This project arrived to Diamond through our mobile unit and the client’s idea was very clear: to create a platform inspired in Airbnb, but for people reserve a meal at a local’s house.

It’s an innovative concept in Portugal, whose goal is to bring people together and provide different dining experiences.

The name was already chosen: Eat at a Local’s.

The project

A kick-off meeting with the client and the team was made, so the client could pass her vision of what Eat at a Local’s would be.

Diamond then started to work on the branding and, in collaboration with the client, the concept, rules and the platform’s operation were defined.

That said, it’s time to move to the platform’s (which, in this case, it is a website) design and, last but not least, its development.

Eat at a Local's homepage


After doing several tests to detect potential bug and website errors, it finally went live on March 2019.

The website was created with a custom opensource solution, in PHP LARAVEL and is integrated with the stripe system to payments.

Until now, it has 136 guests and 106 hosts.

Discover now, the Eat at a Local’s.