Context & Goal

When the client reached Diamond, the goal was to create a platform for sharing and managing culinary recipes, as if they were collections.

This platform’s mission would be the creation of communities through recipes’ sharing and their categorization, the users to create, exchange, and collect the best recipes.

The Project

The platform’s architecture and rules were defined in continuous collaboration with the client.

Diamond started baking the solution’s design and development, and, throughout all this process, several quality tests were made to ensure the good functioning of the platform.

An analytics dashboard was also created to analyze the platform’s performance and its target’s receptivity.

Prior to its launching, we must highlight the client’s fundamental role by conducting a focus group to determine what could be improved before the launching of the platform to the public.


The result of all this work was a cross-platform PWA, that delivers to the final user a seamless mobile and desktop experience with some exclusive features, such as being similar to a native app when used in mobile devices.

Cookmarks mobile and desktop

Cookmarks is a platform for recipes’ sharing, mostly fueled by User Generated Content. The user registers in the platform and can customize their feed according to their preferences and/or dietary restrictions.

Cookmarks also works in offline mode: when the user downloads a recipe, it can be accessed without needing internet access.

If you don’t know it yet, find out more here: Cookmarks.