Context & Goal

Portugal’s Olympic Committee (COP), in partnership with Repsol, presented Diamond with the challenge of creating an app to support the Portugal team at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020, which are happening in 2021, whose target audience are the athletes’ supporters and followers, federations and partners.

This app’s main goal is that anyone interested in the Olympic Games can closely follow the competitions, the athletes’ results and stay up to date with the latest news related to the competition.

The Project

This project was especially challenging due to the complexity of its information architecture. And the challenge was successfully overcome by the UX/UI Design team, which managed to achieve a modern, innovative design and maintain the app’s easy use and navigation.

The app was developed using Flutter technology, for its fast and efficient development compared to other technologies (which also makes it a more cost-effective option), for being cross-platform (a single app that has full native performance on both iOS and Android), and for allowing the creation of an intuitive app with an appealing and user-friendly design.


The App Equipa Portugal also has a business aspect, since it offers its users the possibility to, besides following their favorite athletes during the competition, they can also have access to exclusive offers and discounts from COP’s partners.

From the features the app offers its users, we highlight the filters by athlete and modality, the possibility to choose their favorite athletes, and the notifications, results, and schedule of the several ongoing competitions.

Get to know the app Equipa Portugal.