Case Amoreiras Shopping Center


Context & Goal

Amoreiras Shopping Center had a website that didn’t support videos, wasn’t responsive and was very commercial, something that doesn’t meet the image the brand wants to give.

The brand’s challenge was to modernize the website, transforming it into something more disruptive, clean and different from the typical shopping center website.

A website more focused on the people, than the commercial part.

The project

A graphic proposal of what the website’s homepage would look like was made and promptly accepted. The rest of the website’s design was based on that homepage.

An information architecture was developed in continuous collaboration with the client, so that the website’s navigation was easy and intuitive, always keeping in mind the principles of UX and SEO.

As it was intended that the website could be understandable by Portuguese users and users from other parts of the world, one of the requests was that the website should remain multilingual, so we used the WPML plugin, which allows adding a second language, in this case, it was English.


The result was a clean, responsive website, meeting the client’s expectations, with all the important sections. In the end, SEO optimization was done. Today, the website is updated with new content, like cinema premiers, literature and other things, everything by the client.

The Amoreiras Shopping Center’s website won the Prémio Lusófono de Criatividade (Lusophone Award for Creativity) in the past June 2019. This award was only possible because of the continuous collaboration between agency, that keeps making minor, but necessary, adjusts, and the client, which updates the website having into account the recommendations given about the content insertion.

Discover the new Amoreiras Shopping Center website.