Ten years ago, Aigle Azur arrived to Portugal. Today, it is present in four portuguese cities and it has in Portugal its second biggest destination. But until a few months ago, there was something missing, a way of being closer to the portuguese audience, of quickly communicating news and making Aigle Azur’s name grow around here. In other words… a Facebook page.That was the challenge that the french airline presented us with and that was the challenge we took on late November 2016.

Well, when starting a Facebook page from scratch, there are several aspects you should take into consideration:

First off, competition analysis

Before we even created the page, we knew we had to take a look at what Aigle Azur’s biggest competitors were doing. This is basic homework for any brand that wants to reach their top competitors’ level… and that is exactly what both Aigle Azur and Diamond want from this partnership. So, we did our research, selected a few airline companies and analysed them.

But this task doesn’t end there, it should be seen as an ongoing job. The good news: it can easily be done, since Facebook gives you the option to choose a few pages and then it makes a chart with some KPIs, such as “Total Page Likes” and “Engagement this week”. Basically it is a small ranking according to your performance, where you can easily compare your page to others of the same kind.

Pay attention to the details

And by “details”, we mean factors that truly matter for the success of your page, even though they might not seem that critical. So what details are we talking about?

a) Know how to choose your name and profile photo: both your page’s name and profile image should be easily recognizable. Since Aigle Azur isn’t a new company, and it already has an established name and logo, this is what we went for:

choosing your name and profile photo

b) Don’t underestimate the importance of the “About” section: the small overview of your about section, on the right column of the page, is one of the first things a visitor will see on your page. So, it should definitely be complete! As soon as Aigle Azur Portugal’s page was created, we filled in the “About” section: not only the small overview…

filling in about section

… but also the full section, that can be accessed on the left column of the page.

c) Facebook gives you the opportunity to add a call-to-action to your page… don’t forget it: this feature is quite simple, but also useful for driving traffic and achieving business goals. There are several options of calls-to-action that you can choose from according to your business. Since one of Aigle Azur’s goals is for people to book tickets, choosing their call-to-action wasn’t exactly a difficult task:

choosing call-to-action

After that, all we had to do was adding Aigle Azur’s website and our call-to-action was ready for the clicks!

Time to get creative

a) Create a content plan: trust us, there’s no better way to stay organised when it comes to social media, than by having a plan with all your posts. This is the one we use for Aigle Azur Portugal:

plano facebook

It includes:

  • One spreadsheet with the macro plan (part of which you can see on the image).
  • One spreadsheet with the micro plan, with every post’s day, time, copy, image and/or link.
  • One spreadsheet with a small description of each post category.
  • Keep in mind that no one likes to feel that they are talking to a machine: giving a human touch to pages, no matter what platform we are talking about, is so, so important! On Aigle Azur Portugal’s case we make sure to do that, first of all, by always signing our comments, replies and some posts, so that people know they are talking to a person and not just to a brand. But we also do it through our posts. A few examples:

  • #ARitaQuerSaber and #DicasDaRita: the first category consists of questions and the second of tips. On both, we talk in the first person and share Aigle Azur Portugal’s social media manager’s opinions with the fans.
  • #PegadasDaRita: this category is based on a very popular concept – storytelling. Our idea was to present Paris’ best monuments, museums and places to visit by talking about Rita’s experiences in them, instead of just talking about said places.
  • Never forget your goals

    For every decision we have made, we have had at least one of our main goals in mind. From small things like the relaxed tone that we have chosen, that helps “un-thing” the brand and give it a human touch; or the type of posts we create, that always have “creating interaction” has an objective.

    To big things like contests. So far we have had two but let’s focus on the last one, the Valentine’s Day contest. In short, we developed a Facebook tab where people, in a relationship or not, had to fill in a small form with their name, e-mail and a creative quote. This contest went quite well and allowed us to work on two of Aigle Azur’s main goals: the form helped increase the number of Portuguese contacts in their database and the contest itself, from the design to the copywriting to the use of promoted posts, helped work on the brand awareness and increase the number of likes.

    We are already working on more initiatives and surprises for Aigle Azur Portugal’s fans so… stay tuned! ?

    The “Insights” tab is there for a reason… use it!

    At first, you will probably make the decisions by trial and error. After all, it is impossible to truly know how your audience will react to the way you manage your Facebook page. But, you also have the insights tab of your page, that will become more accurate and, therefore, more relevant as time goes by. For Aigle Azur’s page we take Facebook’s insights into consideration but the truth is this page is only 3 months old, so we also still go for the trial and error method sometimes. But, more and more, we will rely on the insights and adapt the way we manage the page to what we know works with our followers.

    Curious to know what’s next for Aigle Azur Portugal’s Facebook page? The “Like” button is waiting for your click! ?