Whether your business is small, big or in between, the holiday season of December is a great opportunity to sell. And the good news are that, for small, big or in between consumers, a good Facebook ad can be enough to generate a conversion in your Christmas stocking.

While it is a known fact that (almost) everybody is on Facebook, a lot of people don’t know – or pretend not to know – that this platform is more than a social media website: it is a great sales channel. Truth is, there are still a lot of myths surrouding social media, but, for those of you who want to make the most of it, here are some tips:

  1. Take advantage of the different types of Facebook ads

    There is only one festive season, it’s true. But it includes lots of celebrations. Besides Black Friday and Cyber Monday, we still have Christmas, Winter sales and New Year’s Eve to go. And, if we really want to, you can even stretch the “selling season” until Twelfth Night.

    Keeping in mind that strategy is important, make sure to include several kinds of ad campaigns in yours, for each of the celebrations. Facebook has lots of them: the promoted post, the carrousel, the canvas, image ad, video ad… There’s a lot to choose from. But, before the actual execution, remember that the content has to be relevant and current. After all, no one will care about your “huge Christmas discounts” when it is December 26.

  2. Relevant, current content makes people want to buy

    Everything should conspire in favour of the giving/receiving spirit that human beings start feeling in this season. We are talking about copy, design, the ad itself and even the offer we are communicating. Ally your departments and convey everything in an irresistible way on Facebook.

    How? With a simple 2×1 offer, an invitation to “tag a friend who really needs this” or even one of those “if you don’t reply in 5 minutes, you owe me [insert one of your products here]” posts.

  3. How to establish the goal of the ad

    Website traffic and conversions are the first goal, right? Everything else will come after. To guarantee this, it is important that you choose well the goals for your ads – something Facebook highly takes into consideration. When building an ad, choose one of these goals:

    • Traffic
    • Lead generation
    • Conversions
    • Catalog sales
    • Store visits

  4. Creative writing: free the copywriter in you

    “The best gift for this Christmas”, “the gift that everybody wants”, “start the new year off on the right foot” (mixed feelings: sounds weird but it is kind of cool for a shoes brand); these expressions and many others that we all know are better than nothing. But having engaging copies that spark emotions never before felt by your fan community is perfect.

    Considering that every product is unique, it is worth thinking about how you will turn your product into a must-have of these parties. Oh, and using every trending hashtag or every hashtag you can think of doesn’t count. Hashtags also have some rules.

  5. Keep an eye on your ads like a child keeps an eye on the Christmas tree

    In such a crazy season, we tend to forget that it is important to continuously control every gear of our machine. Keep a daily track of your ads, pause the campaigns that aren’t showing a good performance and increase the budget of the ones where you are getting better results. This way, you will be able to up your sales and lower your cost per lead or acquisition.

Extra tip: during the holiday season, moderate without moderation.

Having active ads usually results in a growth of the engagement. In some cases, potential buyers will ask questions about the products/services that you are promoting. Don’t leave them waiting for an answer until 2019!

And if you need an extra hand, all you have to do is click here.

Happy holidays!